Local Ontario PC Candidates Support the Fight to Preserve Glen Abbey

Published on April 26, 2018


OAKVILLE, ON – The people of Oakville have rallied together against the potential development of the Glen Abbey Golf Course and the Ontario PC Party and its local candidates, Stephen Crawford (Oakville) and Effie Triantafilopoulos (Oakville North-Burlington) are behind them.


“I vow to work tirelessly with the Save Glen Abbey grassroots community coalition and do everything in my power to ensure that this important part of Oakville’s cultural heritage is preserved for it’s citizens and future generations,” announced Stephen Crawford, Ontario PC Candidate for Oakville.


The Ontario PC Party believes that communities like Oakville should have more control over their own growth.  In fact, it was former Ontario PC MPP Frank Klees who initiated the discussion regarding Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) reform in 2013 with the introduction of his Private Members Bill, ‘The Preserving Existing Communities Act.’  After the June 7th election, an Ontario PC government’s approach will be to respect the local decisions of municipalities.


“Glen Abbey is a symbol of our Canadian sports heritage,” says Effie Triantafilopoulos, Ontario PC Candidate for Oakville North-Burlington. “I call on all candidates and parties to support the Save Glen Abbey Coalition. I look forward to working closely with the Town of Oakville and the Save Glen Abbey Coalition to ensure all views are heard during the municipality-led decision process.”


“The Save Glen Abbey Coalition is very pleased to see that the issue of saving Glen Abbey Golf Course is not a partisan issue,” says Fraser Damoff, spokesperson for the Save Glen Abbey Coalition. "We are glad that Stephen and Effie have heard our concerns and are onboard.  We are committed to working with any and all organizations and bodies to preserve the heart of Oakville, and to ensure that Glen Abbey will be around for future generations.”